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Congratulations to Sandra Bullock from Sean Tuohy – The Blind Side – Oscar for Best Lead Actress

March 15, 2010

I have always been a big fan of Sandra Bullock and it is great to see that she took home the Oscar for lead actress.  I haven’t had a chance to see The Blind Side yet – but it’s obviously a touching story and an inspiration to many.  Country singer, Tim Mcgraw, plays Sean Tuohy who bears my name – and I suppose that’s where the similarities end.  I did play basketball in eighth grade, but that’s as far as it went for me, being somewhat vertically challenged.

Mr. Tuohy, however, took things a bit further having great success at the University of Mississippi where he set many college and conference records.  He has also enjoyed a long broadcasting career as a sports announcer and has become a prominent restaurateur – owning over eighty Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s  and Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises.

I was quite amused to hear that a movie had been made about the life of a man who shares my name.  The Blind Side portrays Sean Tuohy’s life and the somewhat unlikely adoption of Michael Oher who also played at Ole Miss and would become the first-round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens.

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Congratulations to Mr. Tuohy for his success and inspiring story that encapsulates the American dream and spirit!